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TV Betting

In the UK, reality television draws the biggest audiences and we love to tune in every week to cheer on our favourites or keep up to date with the lives of others that we have invested in. What many people do not know, however, is that betting is not just for sports, but you can also bet on all your favourite reality television shows! TV betting is an exciting way to up the ante of the most popular television programmes and anyone can do it.

Here at TV Betting, we cover a wide array of television events and so you can place bets on everything from reality television to current television series and even entertainment award shows. There is a huge range of shows to bet on and we can offer you all the best online offers from the most reputable bookmakers online.

Start your TV betting experience today and find the best bookmaker and show to bet on for you.

The Rise Of Reality Show Betting

It seems as though everywhere that we look there is another classic reality programme on or there is a new one launching. Reality TV is not going anywhere and if anything, we are only seeing a further rise in reality shows.

While we may think of reality shows as a new concept, this is not strictly the case as they have been around since the launch of the television but just in a different format. Many people think that the pivotal moment of reality television came in 1992 with the launch of MTV’s The Real World which put together strangers and filmed their interactions. Then, in 2000, Big Brother launched in the UK and was the gateway to the launch and rise in popularity of many other reality television programmes and tv betting with it.

Over the years, it is mainly competitive reality programmes which have stood the test of time and gained considerable success such as The Apprentice, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Pop Idol.

Why Do We All Love Reality Television Shows?

It seems to be that one of the main reasons why we love reality television programmes so much is that they are easy to watch and provide an escape from our own daily problems. You can easily get caught up in the drama and excitement of other people’s lives, making our own problems seem insignificant.

Furthermore, reality television shows are incredibly popular as they give you the power to control the show. It is you who is deciding who is going to stay in the competition and this can make you feel as though you are making a real difference.

What’s Next For TV Betting

While we all love reality television, the landscape for this type of television is definitely changing and the same reality programmes that were once popular twenty years ago will no longer seem relevant today.

However, this is what keeps TV betting so interesting as there are always new and exciting programmes making their way to our screens. Many studies have found that what makes reality television programmes so popular is the sense of community and empathy that it fosters. For every reality television programme that has its day and starts to fall off the radar, such as Big Brother, there is always another one to step in and take its place, with a prime example being The Great British Bake Off which has been a huge hit across the UK and is popular over many different generations.

Our appetite for reality television programmes does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and as long as we continue to feel a sense of community when watching reality television programmes, TV betting is here to stay.

Types Of Bets

When it comes to TV betting, there are hundreds of different betting options available to you. It all depends on the show that you are placing a bet on what types of bets that it offers. You could be betting on anything from who you think will win to who do you think will be going home that week if betting on a competition reality style programme. Other options include betting on who you think will win a particular category of an awards show or you can even bet on what you think will be the gender of a reality show competition winner. The possibilities are endless!

The biggest opportunities lie on placing your bets early and then sitting back and watching until the bet you placed wins. This allows you to lay them on at much lower odds and take home an even bigger win.


If you are a big fan of film and can’t wait to watch the Oscars every year, then this type of TV betting and entertainment will be for you. Have a notion for who you think is going to take home the prize for the Best Film? Or are you certain that one actress’ amazing performance will get her the Best Actress title? Then you will definitely want to visit some of our favourite TV betting sites to place these bets.


Television shows can capture their audience and develop huge followings. If you are going to be investing a lot of your time into watching these television programmes, then why not make a few predictions and place some bets? The reputable betting sites found here will all allow you to find TV betting odds easily for your favourite shows


Is music more your preference over movies? Then don’t worry, you will still be able to place bets on all the biggest award shows of the year. Vote for who you think it’s going to win at the Grammys, MTV Music Awards and more.

TV Betting Tips

Nothing is guaranteed when you place a bet, no matter how sure you are about who is going to eliminated from a show the following week or who is going to be crowned the champion. However, there are a few things that you can do to try and ensure that you are onto a winner.

If you are going to be placing a bet on something in celebrity culture, then it is a good idea to try and keep up with all of the latest showbiz news and get the inside information from celebrity blogs such as TMZ. These blogs are a great way to get the scoop on who is going to be the most likely to win or be eliminated next.

When you are betting on television shows, we would also recommend that you study the trends before you place your bet. For example, it is good to know if the show you are betting on likes to throw big curveballs. You should also not underestimate the underdog of the show as they can make a comeback towards the end and knock out any front runner. This can be seen on some of the most popular TV betting shows such as X Factor where one person who was a favourite to win stagnates while someone else in the competition continues to improve and get better and better each week.

Payment Methods

When you are taking part in TV betting, there will be plenty of payment options for you to pick and choose from. Most will allow you to simply use your bank card which usually includes payment methods using Visa, Mastercard or Maestro. However, we understand that many players are uneasy about entering their bank details online and so there are still lots of other great options for you to opt for instead.

One of the most popular TV betting payment methods that you will find online is PayPal. PayPal is an e-wallet system connected to your bank account and is something that many people will most likely already have from making other transitions online. PayPal acts as the middleman and stops your bank details being viewed by the merchant, giving you an added layer of security. Neteller is also commonly used for TV betting and works very similarly to PayPal, making it the ideal option for those who do not have PayPal available in their country. Another popular option is to use Paysafecard. To use this payment method, you must purchase a voucher from your local store and then you can redeem it online, allowing you to stay completely anonymous when playing online.

Every year, we are seeing lots of new payment options becoming available as technology upgrades and changes. In the future, we are sure to see lots of new payment options specifically for mobile use as more and more people place bets using this device. Currently, you do have the option to place a bet using the pay by mobile service that is offered by many online casinos. Simply text how much you are depositing from your mobile device and this money will be instantly credited to your account and you can pay it off with your mobile phone bill.

TV Betting On Mobile

What’s great about TV betting online is that you can easily access the very best gambling sites straight from your mobile device. There are a few different ways that you can enjoy TV betting on mobile. You can either download an app or you can simply visit the betting site through your mobile’s internet browser.

Many online TV betting sites offer great apps to download. However, if you are using an older mobile device, then apps may not be compatible with it. It is also worth noting that Apple phones tend to be the best for app compatibility, while Android mobile phones are pretty great too.

However, apps can be very expensive and so not every betting site will offer this. You will find nowadays though that most betting sites will offer great mobile friendly websites that you can easily access through your browser. This also means that you don’t need to worry about downloading any software or having apps take up lots of memory space on your mobile device. Being able to place bets straight from your mobile device is extremely convenient and you can place bets on your favourite television shows anytime, anywhere.

Loyalty Perks

While it can be great fun to check out a range of different TV betting sites, we would recommend that when you find one that you really love, you stick with it and this will allow you to receive lots of special perks. Loyalty and VIP bonuses are awarded to players who return to the same TV betting site and this can be in the form of extra cash, free bets and more!

Not every betting site will put as much emphasis on loyalty reward schemes as others and so make sure before you join a site that they don’t just offer a great bonus for new players, but that they also offer you lots of incentives to stick around. We would recommend looking for a TV betting site that offers a good mix on their promotions and also some staples that you know you can rely on.

Safe And Secure Betting

TV betting is great fun, but you should, of course, always make sure that you are playing safely. We would always recommend that you play at a reputable site that you know you can trust. It is also a good idea to use an alternative payment method rather than your bank card as this will help to protect your account and e-wallets like the ones we have previously mentioned, such as PayPal, are the best way to ensure that no one has access to your card details. It is also worth noting, however, that all reputable TV betting sites will have their own security which is very stringent.

Here at, we only recommend the very best in online betting sites. With these sites, you can expect to play safely and securely, enjoy great promotions and, of course, get the very best betting odds for your favourite television shows. Keep checking back for all the latest fantastic online betting sites!