5 Tips for Reality TV Betting

So, you’re thinking of placing a bet on a reality TV show..

Here are 5 top tips that will give you a better chance of winning a bet on your favourite reality tv show;

1. Public Voting is significant

  • If a contestant is saved by a public vote, it counts for a lot!
  • Those contestants who steal the heart of the nation have a much stronger chance of winning. Fact.
  • If they are saved or voted in multiple times and are adding good value to the show, it’s a strong combination.

2. The odds don’t lie

  • Bookmakers are extremely accurate with their odds in these markets.
  • This means you should check the odds to see the realistic chances of someone winning.
  • If a contestant is odds on, its for good reason so keep that in mind if you fancy someone with big odds.
  • Diversity won the X-Factor at odds of 10/1 though so underdogs can win also.

3. Watch the TV Show

  • Sounds obvious but this is crucial!
  • This gives you a better chance as you are involved in the journey and characters of the TV show.
  • TV betting couldn’t be any more fun. Your research is watching the show 🙂
  • Pay extra attention to spoilers for the next show also. You can get some big clues from these and can help you get a good bet on at bigger odds.

4. No bets during a show

  • Most bookmakers pull all odds when the TV show is being aired.
  • This can be annoying as you want to bet whilst you watch but just one of those things.
  • Shortly after the end of the programme though, the odds will appear again.
  • We always find its best to place bets the following morning. All the markets are back live and you have time to digest the latest action.

5. Starting contestants are stronger

  • The original starting contestants always hold the best chance of winning.
  • If extra contestants come in, wild cards, replacements etc.. They have a much lower chance of winning.
  • We would avoid backing these unless there were big popularity factors leaning towards a late comer.

There you go. 5 quick tips to help you make better TV betting picks.

Following these rule of thumbs will give you a much better chance of cashing in!

One final thought… In sports betting its always said that you should bet with your head and not with your heart.

When it comes to reality TV betting, this is not the case. Your gut is a good indicator as the contestants have to win the acceptance of the general public to win.

So have fun with it, enjoy the shows and be lucky ?

Speak soon!